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Brux Barrels In Action

New Record


Mike Davis set a new 600-yard, IBS score record of 50-2X (0.941″), shooting a 6 BRX that he built himself. Mike nailed the record at the Piedmont Gun Club using Danzac-coated Berger 105gr VLD bullets pushed by 33.5 grains of Varget and CCI 450s. His rifle had a 26″, 1:8.4″-twist Brux barrel, chambered for a no-turn 6 BRX, and a BAT RB/LP/RE action.



The Rifle


Gun Specifications 6BRX no turn neck .112″ free bore BAT Model B RB/LP/RE 7.5″ round action, Jewell trigger HV BRUX barrel 1 in 8.4″ twist at 26″ in length Stock work and bedding by Mike Isenhour (cedar/curly maple/carbon fiber with weight system) Leupold 45x Competition w/a 3x Gene Davis optical booster mounted with BAT rings Farley front rest and a Protektor rear bag


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