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Brux Barrels is a machine tool company located in Lodi, Wisconsin, specializing in the finest custom-made cut-rifled barrels.  Our products are hand-made by craftsmen experienced in both machine tooling and competitive shooting. We proudly create barrels for F-Class competitors, discriminating amateur and match shooters, dedicated hunters and sportsmen who demand the very best in their firearm components.

Brux Barrels - F-Class Barrels for the top Shooter


The Wisconsin River valley near Lodi has a storied history of hunting and shooting. The glacier spared many granite escarpments, leaving secluded glens and a topography rich in soil and wildlife habitat, which attracted families with old-world values and skills. Many of their descendents turned raw steel and iron into the tools necessary for farming - and some evolved to precision tooling.

Custom Machined Rifle Barrels for competition rifle shooting


Brux creates the finest custom cut-rifled barrels, precision hand-crafted by professionals who have extensive experience in both machine tool and competitive shooting.  If your passion is F-Class long range competition or recreational shooting at your local range, choose the barrel of champions: BRUX. Hunters, big game and varmint, can benefit from the accuracy and dependability of a custom barrel, made to your specifications.

Made in USA - Custom Rifle Barrels by Brux


We start with 4150 chrome-moly or 416R stainless steel double stress relieved bar stock, bore with the renowned Barnes gun drill, ream with an industry-standard Pratt & Whitney reamer, and then hand lap each barrel to our high-precision standards.  If there is the slightest deviation in surface finish or tolerance, the barrel is discarded. Click for details of our fabrication process.

Proven rifle barrels in competition match rifle shooting


Our customers are discriminating competitive shooters, tactical professionals and dedicated hunters - a very special group who seek perfection in their firearms and components. It is our goal to provide them with the highest quality gun barrels, fabricated to exact specifications, delivered promptly at attractive prices.


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We are always ready to talk about gun barrels, and will be happy to answer all your questions in detail.

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